You Are Sooooo Beautiful

Why is it so difficult—even for people with otherwise high self-esteem—to feel truly beautiful?

 The problem is not that we aren’t beautiful, but that most of us have learned a definition of beauty that is limited and skewed. In order to change the face of what the media calls beauty, we must actively teach our children a more profound definition of what is beautiful and reinforce and affirm that definition daily.

Read more about Leanne PowerTrue beauty isn’t the collection of unrealistic physical ideals that the media loves to promote. True beauty is embracing who you  are at your very core.

You Are Sooooo Beautiful holds a precious and timeless message for readers of all ages. Share it with your children to help set the foundation for their understanding of true beauty. And let it help you—and the other beautiful adults in your life—reconnect with your inner child and set your beauty free.

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