About the Author

I am a head-over-heels-in-love new mom, a wife who wears it all on my sleeve, an extremely proud auntie, an inspired and adoring sister, a loving and grateful daughter, and a loyal friend. I am a listener, an observer, a thinker. I love adventures and connection in relationships. I am fuelled by the energy I get from the outdoors and nature. Love and family are all that matters at the end of the day.

I was born November 27, 1976, and grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. My first and foremost passion growing up was athletics. I wish I knew then what I know now about how our minds and thoughts work. I would have become an Olympian or a professional athlete.

I had natural talents, but more than that, I had drive and perseverance and a hunger to win and be the best I could
be. We practised skills, but we never practised controlling our minds, out thoughts. Instead of focusing on what I wanted to do, what I knew I could, I focused on what I did not want to happen during a game. I feared making mistakes, being judged, not living up to my talent. Despite these fears, I placed first in several athletic events, won MVP awards, was captain of all the teams I played for, and won leadership and athlete of the year awards. But I never completely internalized my success. In hindsight, my coaches did try to “coach” my mind and inspire me with self-confidence; I just wasn’t taught how to do that for myself. My mind (self-talk) ended up winning over my abilities. I wish I had been taught the psychology behind it all. Our minds are so very, very powerful and can make or break our successes mentally, physically and emotionally. Once you control your thoughts, you can control your life.

Leanne PowerI continue to play sports, though at nowhere near the level of competitiveness that is in my heart, and find most satisfaction these days in challenging my own limits and setting personal goals.

Writing always came easily for me in school, but it was just something I did in class to get marks. I never thought about pursuing it.

Then one day a few years ago, I discovered blogging. I found myself waking in the quiet hours of the early morning to express my thoughts with words. My fingers could not type fast enough. This window of blogging time is a space where the world stands still and I am most free. I enjoy writing about things I feel in my heart, offering my unique perspective and trying to offer my readers small “ah-ha!” moments to make each day that much richer.

This journey called life has made me realize that those things that come easily to us-as writing does to me-are our gifts to the world. It’s our job to pursue them. As the famous adage goes, “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Today, my passion is inspiring people to recognize their worth and potential so they may fulfill their dreams. I aim to educate people about self-talk and how our minds and thoughts work. I am dedicated to encouraging children to be exactly who they are without ever having any fear of doubt or judgment. I am committed to being me!

Please join me in my quest to change the face of beauty from one that is thought to be completely physical to one that honours and embraces who we are, setting true beauty free.